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Deth Co. Records


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Strawberry Ice Cream


Artist Name: Strawberry Icecream a.k.a. Sic
Real Name:Seth
Upcoming Records: Kali Maynard LPS
Release dates: August 2001
Artist Info: He was born in a city named Lincoln, NE in 1988. Right when he was born his parents knew their baby was, stupid. But beating all the bad things or whatever to stop him from the top he kept on going. Then he stopped cause, he is stupid. He was back in the business when Ruckus joined. He has a CD coming out that will be a weird cd. He has recorded some songs. We should have the exact release date by June or July. He goes to school at Goodrich. He is a person, we think. And his favorite animal is a SPENGUIN. His cd will be the first CD from Deth Co, but certainly not the best.