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Deth Co. Records


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About Us

Our record company is in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are still expanding and will have a CD coming out soon.

We started in the summer of 2000.

We wrote some songs then shutdown.

We shutdown with only 2 members with the third dropping out,

but in spring 2001 we got our 3rd member, Mr. Ruckus.

Then the third owner/ creater of Deth Co. rejoined only as an artist, his name Shore D.

Now we have another new member, Chocolate Ice Cream,

adding on to their manager and one of the 3 original artists,

Strawberry Ice Cream.

Our members so far:

Derek O. Manager
Strawberry Ice Cream a.k.a. SIC-artist, co-owner
Mr.Ruckus-co-owner, artist
Shore D-artist
Chocolate Ice Cream-artist